Association for the development of creative workshops and life quality for people with disabilities of the Republic of Croatia is asking through this request for assistance with financial and material resources which are required for procurement of equipment for printing on different objects.

The association organizes workshops and other activities with the purpose of rehabilitation and assistance for disabled people. Our users showed interest in printing workshops, where they can be creative and useful, we decided to raise money for the procurement of printing equipment. By selling products they make, we would make money for procurement of workshop materials and aids for the disabled and their employment.

Workshops will consist of printing on caps, mugs, umbrellas, keychains, cloth bags, shirts, photo paper, and so on.

We need to raise  4.000,00 € in order to buy printers, thermal presses and cutters, which are required for workshops.

Because we are not able to invest in such a project, we are asking You for assistance with procuring equipment that is required.

We hope that you will help us within your possibilities and support the work of the disabled. We thank you in advance.